Webinar: The role information plays in police reform

A failure of the information age is that police data is largely siloed and inaccessible, often leading to less favorable outcomes in daily police work. Disparate sources and limited access constrain officer decision-making, particularly in hot spot policing. What if public safety agencies could flip the switch, and give officers unprecedented access to richer contextual information and the ability to solve crimes faster – even in real-time – with the relative ease of a keyword search? Join former Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell and Brad Davis, Executive Chairman of Forensic Logic, in a live moderated discussion on how well-informed officers can do more than respond and report on calls, stay safer and de-escalate more interactions in the communities they serve.

  • Find out how cops can access and instantly search vast amounts of law enforcement data from any web-enabled device.
  • Understand how this data-driven precision improves upon traditional approaches, reducing police footprints and enhancing relationships in at-risk communities.
  • Learn why and how access to the right information can set police agencies on the path forward in an age of reform.



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