Coplink Connect is a secure and interactive discussion forum where law enforcement managers can curate and share information collected from officers in the field in one accessible environment.

With Coplink Connect, information can be organized into discussion categories, facilitating the continuous availability and accessibility of real-time information, notifying members of changes, updates, and contents of interest in real-time.

Simple and Accessible

Coplink Connect is accessible from mobile phones, tablets, laptops, mobile vehicle terminals, and desktop computers, allowing managers to curate critical information collected from users to officers in the field.

Customizable and Interactive

  • Record and share related content with a select community.
  • Customize discussion boards with categories and tiers.
  • Create community through interactive discussions and access to comments on discussion boards.
  • Notifications and alerts for specified topics and discussions.

Highest Security Standard

Fully CJIS compliant, all information within discussion boards, including comments, is stored in the secure Microsoft Azure Gov Cloud.