One simple search to access data from across your IT systems… and across the country


Our search engine has been developed in partnership between the technology community and law enforcement to share, search and analyze information across agencies, geographies and IT systems.

LEAP provides an array of intuitive and powerful search and analysis features to an agency’s existing IT infrastructure while steadily linking agencies together in our CJIS-compliant cloud.

LEAP succeeds when the network of users grows, meaning that our incentive is to continue to provide every agency access to the most data and the best tools at the lowest possible cost.


We have spent a decade in partnership with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and leading technology providers to create a powerful and scalable platform to share, store, search and analyze information within your own agency and beyond.

Full Integration

No matter what the state of your IT systems, from boxes full of paper records to green screen DOS platforms to the most advanced RMS systems, we’ve seen it all. Our proprietary, custom built data connectors integrate with your databases and encrypt the data at a FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption standard using AES 256 bit technology before it is transferred to an FBI CJIS-compliant secure facility. We normalize all incoming law enforcement data into the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) XML schema now adopted by both the US Department of Justice and the US Department of Homeland Security. Your agency maintains complete control over what data is ingested, and always determines how and when it is shared.

Secure Storage

With your agency’s data in the secure cloud and harmonized with every other system on the platform, we unleash a powerful array of industry-leading search, analysis and reporting applications for your users[BD8] . Our software-as-a-service model means that new tools and capabilities are constantly added to the platform at no additional cost, and your agency is never invested in technology that will become outdated as the state of the industry advances. Because our cloud architecture enables access through the web, your officers can access LEAP through any web-enabled desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Unparalleled Access

When your agency joins LEAP Network, your users can instantly access the universe of data that others have shared. This access to data across jurisdictions allows our users a unique capability to combat crimes that transcend geography and time, such as narcotics trafficking, gun running, organized retail crime and human trafficking. Beyond agency data, LEAP ingests countless data sources from the public and private sector which is immediately available upon a search of a suspect, location or incident.