Forensic Logic COPLINK Announces Formation of Strategic Advisory Board

Industry leaders will help guide the company’s innovation agenda across its national network of law enforcement agencies

Walnut Creek, CA – February 23, 2021 – Forensic Logic, LLC, the premier provider of data products and services to American law enforcement, today announced the formation of its strategic advisory board. The group of renowned civic, law enforcement, and government technology leaders will provide guidance to the company as it continues to leverage data and technology to drive reform and innovation in law enforcement.

“The surest path to responsible police reform lies in embracing data to let an agency perform its functions with greater precision,” said Jim McDonnell, former Sheriff of Los Angeles County and member of the advisory board. “It lowers crime, improves credibility in the community, and keeps officers safer. Forensic Logic has mastered this concept and put into practice what will be indispensable for agencies serious about meeting the challenges of modern policing. It’s a privilege to be part of this effort.”

The assemblage of industry experts and leaders marks another milestone for Forensic Logic, which in 2017 acquired the COPLINK network from IBM before undertaking a sweeping modernization of the platform. Central to the effort was the expansion of its breakthrough law enforcement search engine technology, which has been hailed by its users as critical to reducing violent crime while also minimizing negative interactions between police and local communities. 

“We are deeply honored to have work with some of the finest leaders in the country to help us continue to drive responsible technological innovation and modernization in American law enforcement,” said Brad Davis, CEO of Forensic Logic COPLINK. “Our country’s police officers deserve the information they need to do their job safely and efficiently, and our communities deserve policing policies and decisions that are precise, data-driven, and fair. We have assembled the expertise and guidance necessary to accomplish both.”

Members of the strategic advisory board include:

  • Jim McDonnell, former Sheriff of Los Angeles County
  • Sharon Sayles-Belton, former Mayor of Minneapolis
  • Mark Gwyn, former Director, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation
  • Ron Brooks, Principal at Brooks Bawden Moore
  • Chris Moore, Principal at Brooks Bawden Moore and former Chief of Police of San Jose Police Department
  • Scot Thomasson, former Chief of the Firearms Operations Division, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)
  • Kevin Ryan, former US Attorney for the Northern District of California
  • Maury Blackman, President and CEO, Premise Data 

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About Forensic Logic

Forensic Logic is a San Francisco Bay Area technology company that is the premier provider of secure cloud services to U.S. law enforcement and public safety. The company deploys a national-scale search engine and information network developed in partnership between the technology community and local, state and federal law enforcement. It provides unparalleled access to critical data through a range of intuitive search and analysis tools.