How To Join

Joining is Fast, Straightforward and Inexpensive

Forensic Logic COPLINK is designed to be deployed with a minimum of time commitment from your agency’s IT department. Here’s how the process works:

  1. As mandated by CJIS, your agency selects a point of contact who will help determine who receives access to the system.
  2. Your agency names an IT point of contact, who will provide us with information on your IT platforms currently in use, and provide a backup copy of your database to our integration team. We then map the fields in your systems to our NIEM-compliant master schema.
  3. We install a connector on your agency’s server, which encrypts agency data and sends it to our CJIS-compliant secure cloud. Since Forensic Logic COPLINK is cloud-based and not a federated search system, the ongoing performance impact on your servers is minimal.
  4. We then validate with a member of your agency that the information is correctly populating in Forensic Logic COPLINK, at which point your agency has full search access across your own systems, as well as all those currently on the network from across the US.


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