Frequently Asked Questions

+What kind of information is in the LEAP Network?

Just about every type of information that is useful to combat crime, such as RMS records including narratives, CAD, LPR reads, booking information, court data, evidence and lab data, NIBIN shell casing reports, ShotSpotter gunshot locations, mugshots, probation and parole information, stop data, traffic citations, tip lines, warrants, daily bulletins, CrimeDex alerts and BOLO’s, NCMEC missing person data, and through our partnership with CarFax, rich vehicular data on many millions of cars throughout the U.S. Those are only a few! If it can help you and your agency, we make it accessible through our system.

+How does the LEAP Network help my agency?

We know how painful it is to run separate searches across different IT systems within your agency, and how difficult or impossible it can be to access critical records from other jurisdictions in a timely manner. With the LEAP Network, all of that information is instantly searchable through any web-enabled device. Think about how easy it is to access information through Google – we think your agency should have the same capabilities when it comes to getting the information you need to do your job.

+How Does the LEAP Network Extract Data?

We normalize all incoming law enforcement data into an XML schema now adopted by both the US Department of Justice and the US Department of Homeland Security. The data schema is known as the National Information Exchange Model and is the successor to the Global Justice XML Data Model.

We built a standard Application Programming Interface or API to our system so that it would be easy for others to map their data structures into ours – consequently making the integration of external systems into ours more scalable.

And lastly, we created a partner program so that law enforcement records management vendors and other law enforcement information providers could create and maintain support for our API within their existing software releases as well as future software upgrade releases.

By taking the above actions, we have been able to develop software connectors that can be installed in the vast majority of law enforcement agencies in the United States. More importantly, through these efforts, we have build up the expertise so that we are now able to integrate the most difficult records management system data into our system.

+What About Security?

Forensic Logic and the LEAP Network are 100% FBI CJIS compliant in every state in which we operate, usually necessitating an exhaustive security audit by the state CJIS authority. Data is encrypted at your agency server according to FIPS 140-2 criteria, all using AES 256 bit encryption. It is securely transmitted to our secure data center, and may only be accessed by law enforcement using FBI-mandated two-factor authentication.

+How Long has the LEAP Network been around?

The LEAP Network has been fully operational since 2007 and all infrastructure computers, software, security controls and communications allocations are in place and ready to accept data feeds from new customers. We have spent years building a system that seamlessly connects legacy IT systems from across the country and makes them accessible.