Introducing COPLINK X

The next-generation platform that combines our groundbreaking search technology with advanced analytics and the most powerful data network.

Forensic Logic Coplink®

Introducing COPLINK X


COPLINK X deploys the most comprehensive set of data in the industry, allowing agencies to access critical and relevant information from not only your agency’s IT systems, but across the city, county, state, and country. Analytics and visualization tools enable patrol, analysts, investigators, and command staff to glean actionable insights in real-time that help to deploy resources effectively and reduce crime.

Advanced Search

COPLINK X is the industry’s leading search engine for law enforcement, combining the simplicity of unstructured natural language search with the power of structured field level and federated search. By utilizing machine learning to augment your searches, COPLINK X provides a holistic picture of all your data by exposing information that may only exist in narratives or attachments. The result is that the information you are looking for will appear on the 1st page of results with the same ease as a Google search.

The Power of The Network

There is plenty of law enforcement data available to agencies across the United States. With COPLINK X, we focus on providing the right data. With the most comprehensive set of data in the industry, we offer the singular ability to access critical and meaningful information from not only your agency’s IT systems, but across the city, county, state and country.

Flexible Data Restriction Rules

We have expanded our previous security model of “white, gray, black” visibility within access control groups. Now, extra dimensions such as “system use reason” can be used to control fine-grain data access.

Highest Security Standards

Fully CJIS compliant, all agency data is stored in the secure cloud and harmonizes with every other system on the platform.

Powerful Analytics

Advanced analytics and visualizations provide the ability to centralize and apply complex analytics across multiple data sets. With this information, Law Enforcement analysts and investigators glean actionable insights, in real-time, that help identify the worst offenders in a community and reduce violent crime.


Getting the right information to officers in the field is crucial for enhanced officer safety. COPLINK X is accessible from any centrally managed device and across all compliant networks. A seamless integration with your existing infrastructure puts the power directly into the hands of all law enforcement professionals, including patrol, investigators, analysts and command staff.


Developed for all law enforcement professionals, COPLINK X creates efficiency and the ability to access critical information across the entire department.

Patrol Officers icon
Patrol Officers
Access critical information on any web-enabled device to improve officer and community safety.
Analysts icon
Identify high concentrations of crime to help prioritize resources and reduce criminal activity.
Investigators icon
Glean actionable insights that help identify suspects, patterns and prevent criminal activity.
Command Staff
Develop data-driven dashboards and criminal analysis to improve operational effectiveness and the safety of your officers.

Testimonials For COPLINK X

“Mobile access to COPLINK enables an individual officer to do the work that once would have taken two or three people: the dispatcher, an analyst and perhaps even a detective to obtain the information in the field.”

US County Sheriff’s Office

“Forensic Logic allowed us to deploy a whole new kind of policing: faster, more agile, more effective, and far more data-driven”.

Deputy Chief
Oakland Police Department

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