Expanding The Data Footprint

Forensic Logic Acquisition of IBM Crime Analytics Software COPLINK

On October 4, 2017, Forensic Logic acquired the IBM crime analytics software, COPLINK. COPLINK is a leading public safety information sharing platform and provider of analytical, tactical and operational software for law enforcement. 


Created in 1998 at the University of Arizona, COPLINK provides public safety software and services to over 5,100 law enforcement jurisdictions throughout the United States. COPLINK created a crime analytics software that is designed to help police officers solve crimes faster, keep officers safer and disrupt crime and terrorism by organizing and providing tactical, strategic and command-level access to vast quantities of seemingly unrelated data. The COPLINK platform supports one of the largest law enforcement information sharing initiatives in the country with over 1 billion shareable documents throughout the United States.  


Founded in 2003, Forensic Logic is a San Francisco Bay Area technology company that provides secure cloud services to U.S. law enforcement and public safety. Forensic Logic deploys a national-scale search engine and information network developed in partnership between the technology community and local, state and federal law enforcement. Forensic Logic has become one of the fastest-growing public safety technology providers in the country built on the success of its search engine optimized for public safety.  


The acquisition of COPLINK will further Forensic Logic’s strategy to deploy a fully integrated suite of world-class information access technology across the widest possible network of public safety agencies. Combining the police databases from both Forensic Logic and COPLINK make the Forensic Logic database the largest and most powerful network for law enforcement in America.   

“The COPLINK acquisition reinforces our commitment to bring a compelling combination of technological capabilities to this market,” said Bob Batty, co-founder of Forensic Logic. “Our customers will no longer have to choose between the best search capability, the finest analytical tools, and the richest network of data—once the integration is done, they will all be on one platform.” 


The Finest Search and Analysis in the Industry

Forensic Logic now offers a full suite of information technology through the industry-leading search engine, LEAP, and the addition of COPLINK’s advanced analytics and reporting. The finest tools and the richest data are now matched, creating streamlined integrations and rapid deployment.  

Billions of Document and Objects

With the largest network of agencies in the industry, we offer a singular ability to access critical information not only across your agency’s IT Systems, but for information systems across the county, state, and country as well.  

Mission-Critical Tools Built on Mission-Critical Data

From CompStat reporting to Crime Gun Intelligence, Operational Performance, NIBRS Compliance, and countless other areas, we have an offering to help your agency with its most complex technological and operational problems.  

A Trusted Partner

With over 70,000 users, Forensic Logic helps thousands of Agencies across the United States conduct investigations every day.  


“Collaborative user networks have had profoundly beneficial and transformative impacts across the American and global landscape,” said Brad Davis, CEO of Forensic Logic. “Both Forensic Logic and the COPLINK team have an unrelenting commitment to bring similar capabilities to American law enforcement. We will work to ensure the men and women in blue have the information and technology they need to protect themselves and the communities they serve.” 

Forensic Logic’s platform has expanded into a nationwide search engine and information database for law enforcement. Forensic Logic’s acquisition of COPLINK from IBM happened simultaneously with Forensic Logic’s partnership with the global information firm Thomson Reuters CLEAR ®. the Thomson Reuters CLEAR ®integration allows officers the ability to now access a unique network of live gateway and local data combined with Forensic Logic’s already rich database, providing an unmatched investigative resource. The purpose of both transactions, says CEO Brad Davis, is to expand its customer base, data footprint, and product offerings.  

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