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Police Footprint

Data-Driven & Strategic Policing

Most analytical technologies tell you to do the same thing: send more officers into high crime neighborhoods. The issue here is that you are sending a lot of officers into areas where they are looking for violations. As a result, there are a lot of arrests

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Officer Safety

Keep Officers & Communities Safe

We deliver the right information to law enforcement on the front lines so that they have all the data and insights they need to make life and death decisions, whether facing criminals or combatants.     

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Opioid Crisis

Combat the Opioid Crisis Head-On

In addition to the direct impact of dealing with users and street-level dealers, the secondary offenses and use of these drugs are, in most cases, too numerous to count. An increase in Burglary, Robbery and Theft statistics are generally loosely-coupled to the drug

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Human Trafficking

A Comprehensive Human Trafficking Investigation

The trafficking in human beings for the purpose of forced labor or marriage, sexual slavery or commercial exploitation, or for voluntary servitude in payment for illegal immigration has become a $150B industry according to an International Labour Organization 2014 report.

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Gun Crime

Forensic Logic Crime Gun Solutions

Chiefs and Sheriffs are measured by the reduction in the number of violent crimes reported. While extremely useful, the tools that currently exist to help combat violent gun crime, such as ATF’s NIBIN and eTrace, do not go far enough to assist law enforcement

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5 Reasons Your Law Enforcement Agency Needs Crime Analytics Software

The information you need to solve many of your cases may reside in your agency’s existing systems, but how can you quickly connect the dots across multiple software applications and document formats? And what if the needed information actually resides the next jurisdiction over — or in another state?

The answer is

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How Data Sharing Between Agencies Can Reduce Crime

Data sharing is not only an important aspect of solving multijurisdictional crimes, but it is also a requirement. Why? Because criminals do not care about geographical boundaries. Click below to learn how effective data sharing can improve investigations, increase arrests and ensure successful prosecutions.

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Making Big Data Small

The importance of relevant data collection for crime-fighting.

Data literacy – the ability to derive meaningful information from data – should be the goal of every agency.

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