Introducing COPLINK X

The next-generation platform that combines our groundbreaking search technology with advanced analytics and the most powerful data network.

Forensic Logic Coplink®

Introducing COPLINK X


Mission Overview

At Forensic Logic, our mission is to deliver the right information so you can make the right decision, every time.

Forensic Logic Coplink®

Mission Overview


Who is it For?

Law Enforcement Professionals

Patrol Officers icon
Patrol Officers
Access critical information on any web-enabled device to improve officer and community safety.
Analysts icon
Identify high concentrations of crime to help prioritize resources and reduce criminal activity.
Investigators icon
Glean actionable insights, in real-time, that help identify crime trends and prevent criminal activity.
Command Staff
Develop data-driven dashboards and criminal analysis to improve operational effectiveness and the safety of your officers.


The most powerful fusion of technology and information in Law Enforcement.

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A secure, law enforcement information portal deployed as a search engine.

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Coplink® Program

A data sharing and crime analytics platform designed to help law enforcement accelerate investigations.

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Case Study

Forensic Logic’s Search & Analysis Technology Has Helped Slash Violent Crime Rates and Police Footprint

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What Clients Are Saying

“It is becoming increasingly impossible for us to do our jobs without the information in Forensic Logic.”

Supervisory Special Agent
Federal Bureau of Investigation

“Forensic Logic is the heart and soul of our IT. Search, analysis and reporting across all of our databases. We’d be lost without it.”

Senior Command Staff Member
Oakland Police Department

“It’s about time someone came up with this. It’s incredible.”

Special Agent in Charge
U.S. Department of Justice

“Mobile access to COPLINK enables an individual officer to do the work that once would have taken two or three people: the dispatcher, an analyst and perhaps even a detective to obtain the information in the field.”

US County Sheriff’s Office

“Forensic Logic allowed us to deploy a whole new kind of policing: faster, more agile, more effective, and far more data-driven”.

Deputy Chief
Oakland Police Department

“Forensic Logic is absolutely instrumental in nearly every case we prosecute… What they have built, the power of their technology, it makes your head spin.”

District Attorney
Alameda County


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